Why Martina

Why Martina?

All good cosmetic products should only need to be applied sparingly, nurturing rather than inhibiting the skins’ own functions. Creams with a pH value of 5 to 6 are ideal to assist your skin in preserving its natural protective barriers.

Of course, there are no cosmetic products that can completely prevent the natural ageing processes of the skin, however, nature is abundant with plant oils and herbs that can help preserve the elasticity and vitality of the skin, giving it a healthy and soft appearance. There are no chemical or synthetic imitations that can nurture and protect the skin as well as natural substances can!

So how do you find whats right for your skin? It’s simple! Follow your desires and try something that appeals to you – something that you have an “appetite” for. You surely do not feel like eating broccoli every day, do you? The same goes for your skin. Your body and skin will stop absorbing any substances once they become saturated with them!

For different skin types, we do recommend certain products, however, we also recommend that you trust your sense of smell and perception, since the herbs contained in the products will attract you through their fragrances. If a certain fragrance is attractive to you, you will also harmonize with the ingredients associated with it (known as the affinity principle) – don’t worry, we will not fool your sense of smell!

Our Story

Martina Gebhardt’s passion for high quality skin care that is truly natural began with a traditional Central European herbal salve formula that was handed to her by her former pediatrician.

They say that traumatic events often set the stage for unexpectedly positive outcomes, and Martina’s story is no exception. At the tender age of three, she was bitten by a German Shephard, and by 16 she still carried the ugly facial scar from the accident and was advised to have the scar surgically removed. To make matters worse, she was suffering from severe teenage acne.

While she was hoping that her acne problem would miraculously disappear if she only waited patiently, her former pediatrician, at the time already over 80 years old and not fond of cosmetic surgical interventions, convinced her to try an ancient apothecary formula on her facial scar. He mixed together a thick herbal salve, which contained sage and wool wax as key ingredients. As instructed, Martina applied the Sage herbal salve regularly on her left cheek.

Within a few months, not only had the scar begun to fade, but the acne pimpels were nearly completely gone. This experience convinced Martina of the power of this herbal salve, so naturally she began applying it on the other side of her face! Three months later, her acne pimples were gone, and it took only a year of treatment for the scar to become almost invisible. This was an amazing success for a simple cream, and a huge relief for a young teenager!

Luckily for us, her long time doctor and friend was willing to share the herbal salve formula and she began to experiment with it, eventually transforming the herbal salve into a pleasant herbal day cream. The day cream became the Salvia cream, which was soon followed by the Salvia herbal facial toner, and today, the Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik company produces more than 140 different skin care products!

Eco Friendly Skincare

Kindness to the earth is a very important part of Martina Gebhardt’s products and philosophy, from the biodynamic Demeter certification and the use of no preservatives, to the sterilized white glass bottles that can be recycled easily or simply used over and over (these bottles also prevent sun-damage to the products inside, and glass is the only material that doesn’t leech into the product inside!). The amount of cardboard and plastic packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, and many of the products are suitable for vegans. Indeed, the only ingredients that aren’t suitable for vegans are from Demeter certified sources, so you can be absolutely sure that there is no animal exploitation anywhere in the production of our products.

The remarkable recipes that Martina has developed over the years from traditional salves are also a testament to eco-friendliness. Thanks to the enriching and preserving nature of the natural ingredients used, the products have extraordinarily long shelf-lives with no synthetic preservatives at all. The trademark amazing smells of these products are also a result of expertly blended herbs and other ingredients – there is rarely any perfume used in Martina Gebhardt’s products.

Organic, Demeter Certified, and Cruelty Free

We only use 100% natural ingredients. That means no synthetic raw materials, surfactants, glycerol, titanium dioxide, preservatives or alcohol are in any of our products. Furthermore, we do not use any raw materials produced by inhumane animal practices, and obtain more than 95% of our raw materials from certified organic or Demeter cultivation. We also prepare our own spagyric essences, which are prepared following rhythmical, biodynamic principles.

All of our products have the official seal for certified natural cosmetic products.