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What’s it all about, Demeter

Martina Gebhardt is certified Demeter..but what exactly does this mean?

Demeter is commonly known as the Goddess of Agriculture. Harvest, fertility and earth.

When it comes to organics and Biodynamic culture, Demeter is a global regulatory body. There is a regular strict inspection from the governing body in order to hold this certification.

The Demeter certification has an holistic approach. It is the mark for products from biodynamic agriculture and it has been evolving since 1928, therefore the oldest and longest practiced form of quality assurance in sustainable agriculture!

ALL of Martina Gebhardts products are certified Demeter and we think that’s important.

One of the important differences is the number of permitted additives. Here is an image giving information that shows an important difference between the certifications:

If you’d like to read more about the BDA and Demeter certification head on over to it’s very inspiring. 

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