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Some New Additions!

It’s been an exciting few weeks in the Liv House, as two of our team members have had beautiful new additions to their families! So today we thought we’d do a proper introduction to the newest (and bounciest) members of Liv.

First off, Kirsty would like to introduce Zara…

Everyone knows puppies make the best bakers!

“Meet Zara, our new Goldador puppy. We have beautiful golden Cocker Spaniel Thula. An elderly dog now and wanting to bring a spring in her step we decided we should add to our family.

I had been looking for a puppy at the beginning of the year, and then COVID happened. We were blessed to find Zara finally. We made a weekend of collecting Zara as she was in Wales. The opportunity to visit Wales is always a treat, and this time we stayed at Old Land’s a beautiful family estate to stay, relax and enjoy the natural world.

Dogs have a magic effect on your mental wellbeing. I genuinely believe that pet care is self-care. I am looking forward to the many beautiful walks in nature. I love the joy of being out on an early morning walk when all you can hear are the birds. 

We got Zara for our seven-year-old daughter, a new best friend who is always excited to meet you when you walk in the door. 

We are excited to be adding to our photo album of doggie adventures just as we have with Thula.”

Zara, with her proud new owner…

And now Brendan would like to introduce Sky!

A hard day at the office!

“When my Grandparent’s sheepdog Milly had puppies about two months ago the whole family was over the moon, and we went to visit the little puplets as soon as we could, even getting to watch the last one be born!

Fast forward a month and the puppies were almost unbelievably cute! I didn’t have to think very long when I was asked if I would like to have one, that’s for sure. So, once the other brothers and sisters had been settled into their new homes, we spent a few days frantically trying to sort out the new puppy room in our house, and generally prepare for impact!

Now all that remained was to choose a name. The family whatsapp group universally decided that puppy-dog should be called “The Right Honourable Edward McBarkerston III”, but as wonderful as this name is, I thought that if he is going to be trained as a proper sheep dog then he might find it a bit embarrassing in front of all the other trainees to have such a long name! In the end we settled on Sky, which we thought suited his lovely soft grey eyes. So now he has been with us for a week and I am so enjoying going for proper walks in the surrounding countryside, with my very own doggie! I think it is amazing how something so little can walk so far, and run so quickly. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing so far though, is watching how every day his personality emerges a bit more, it’s really amazing!”

How do I get out of this one??

So there we go! We would love to hear if you have had your own lockdown puppy story, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Zara and Sky in the future!

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