Baobab Foot Bath


This luxurious natural foot bath salt relaxes, refreshes and revives tired and achy feet after a long and busy day.

The Baobab foot bath salt

  • warms your feet and improves circulation
  • loosens and helps remove dead skin
  • softens rough skin and callused skin
  • regulates sweaty feet, and neutralizes unpleasant foot odours
  • protects your feet and toes nails from an unhealthy skin environ


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Taking a foot bath is a very comforting form of water therapy that will help you to unwind and recharge your feet and body after a busy day. While a warm foot bath is wonderfully relaxing by its own, the effect is greatly intensified when you add bath salts and herbs to the water.

This complete natural foot bath salt contains a blend of three different mineral salts – salts from the Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert, and salt from the Dead Sea. When Baobab Foot Bath salt is added to the foot bath it offers a thorough cleaning while allowing an overall relaxing and rejuvenating experience. In the warm bath water, the bath salt releases vital minerals and active plant constituents directly into the water, which not only surrounds you with a pleasant aroma but also has various therapeutic effects.

You can also use the bath salt to

  • soothe and revive tired, achy feet leaving them refreshed and revitalized;
  • to loosen and remove dead, dry skin cells on the surface of the skin;
  • soften rough skin and callused skin;
  • regulate sweaty feet, and neutralize unpleasant foot odors;
  • protect your feet and toe nails from an unhealthy skin environ;
  • warm your feet and improve circulation;
  • use as a preparation before a pedicure; and
  • ease stress and strain, restoring harmony in your feet and legs

Baobab Natural Foot Bath — Ingredients and Quality

The foot bath salt contains a balanced combination of revitalizing mineral salts, marine algae, green clay, and herbal extracts as principle ingredients. The Salts of the Kalahari, Sahara desert, and the Dead Sea, as well as Marine Algae and green clay replenish the tissues with vital minerals and trace elements while they flush out toxins, invigorate the skin tissues, and relax muscles. Furthermore, they help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.The African Baobab tree, sage, and myrtle contain potent phyto nutrients that restore a healthy skin environ and reduce the risk of getting athlete’s foot. In addition, Sage and myrtle are very effective remedies to reduce excessive perspiration and to neutralize foot odor.

Happy Feet Baobab Foot Bath Preparation

Pour 2 cups of boiling water over 3 tablespoons of Happy Feet Baobab Foot Bath salt in a tub, basin or footbath. Let it steep for about 5 minutes. The hot water will dissolve the salts and release the bio-active components of the herbal extracts and essential oils. Then fill the foot tub with warm water. Use enough water to completely cover your feet. Stir the water until the foot bath mixture is well blended with the water. Before soaking, make sure the water is not too hot, and lay a thick towel out on the ground next to the basin to create a soft place for your feet to dry after the foot bath. Then, settle in to soak your feet in the foot bath for about 10 to 15 minutes while reading a newspaper or book, or just relaxing with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage while your aches, calluses, and the days stresses are soothed.


CTFA/INCI: Sal Mineralis of Kalahari, Sahara, Dead Sea (Salt), Adansonia Digitata Leaf Extract* (Baobab leaves*), Salvia Officinalis Extract* (Sage extract*), Loess (Mineral earth green), Algae (Spirulina algae), Aroma* (äth. Öle of lemongrass*, rosmary*, sage*, myrtle*, rosewood), Linalool**, Limonene**.

Ingredient Glossary:
* Ingredient from controlled biologic cultivation (certified organic Germany)
** Natural constituent of the essential oil



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