Kloster Wessobrunn

In 2014, Martina Gebhardt purchased the spectacular Convent at Wessobrunn.

It now serves as a new home for Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik GmbH, they have their headquaters, production lines and sales teams there. Even more excitingly, the monastery garden has been given a new lease of life as a market garden where the company grow much of the raw material used in the products. The whole garden is Demeter certified biodynamic for the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Work, life and culture in harmony with nature – The Kloster Wessobrunn offers a unique cultural and historical richness, which Martina Gebhardt are delighted to be preserving and continuing in all respects. Martina’s vision is to use the tradition-rich buildings, gardens and estate for the well-being of man and nature:

– as a holistic life and work space, for many small companies

– as a Demeter certified biodynamic medical garden and farm

– as an inspiring space for both art and culture

The History of Kloster Wessobrunn

From foundation to destruction by the Hungarians

In the middle of Pfaffenwinkel, on a hill south-west of Ammersee, you can find the Convent and village of Wessobrunn.

Words such as “Wessobrunner Prayer” and “Wessobrunner Stuck” are well known to many people throughout Germany, even though the have never visited, or even heard of, this small village!

The history of Wessobrunn before the 12th century is has largely been lost. The source for the first three and a half centuries are extremely wolly to say the least! The destruction of entire manuscripts and documents by the Hungarians when they ransacked the area is usually thought to be the reason for this.

The monastery is mentioned for the first time in 817 in the Carolingian imperial monastery of the Emperor Ludwig of the Frommen. For P. Coelestin Leutner, who published his extensive “Historia Monasterii Wessofontani” on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the Abbey of Wessobrunn in 1753, it is an undisputed fact that Wessobrunn is the founding of the Bavarian duke Tassilo III. He sets 753 as the founding year.

“In 753 Tassilo is hunting with his hunting companions Wezzo and Taringeri in the Rottwald between Lech and Ammer. He spends the night in a tent. In the dream he sees a heavenly ladder on the angels ascending and descending and in the height the Holy Spirit. Peter. At the foot of the ladder he sees three springs that flow together cruciformly. The next morning Wezzo finds these springs, and Tassilo has the monastery, whose patron saint of Sts. Peter is. “

The first monks came from the then large monastery Benediktbeuern. The abbot Ilsung, who had been called from Niederaltich to Wessobrunn, was, however, questioned.

After the deposition of Tassilo III, the monastery of Wessobrunn was subordinated by his cousin Emperor Charles to the Carolingian Imperial Monastery and by 800 to the Diocese of Augsburg.

In the course of time, Wessobrunn gained more and more importance in the history of the history of civilization, and his duties were presumably firstly in the process of colonizing and colonizing the areas between Lech and Ammer and Christianization.

Since 907, the warring cavalry invaded by Hungarians has been a major threat to the population of Bavaria. Initially, they meant economic losses. Duke Arnulf was compelled to take away vast possessions from monasteries in order to finance the defensive wars with the proceeds. This is the first form of secularization, and Arnulf was nicknamed “the evil.”

In 955, a few weeks before the liberating “Battle on the Lechfeld”, the gruesome attack on the monastery occurred. Abbot Thiento and six monks were killed by sword blows on the nearby Kreuzberg. The Kreuzbergkapelle erected by Abbot Thassilo Bölzl in 1594 still reminds us of this event.
With the destruction of the monastery and the death of the monks, the life and work of the first Benedictine monastery, Wessobrunn, had come to an end.

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