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Kindness in troubled times


How are you? It feels such a long time since we last popped by to say ‘hello’. What a time it has been. I don’t need to list all of the sad, worrying and sometimes very frightening events that we have all faced over the last six months. But we have all done our best to keep going and here at Liv we are very glad to be writing to you all again.

It feels to us that out of this darkness is emerging a new call for authentic natural living. To find ways to live, connected and in harmony, with nature. Perhaps this reflects a most fascinating phenomenon that many people witnessed, the way the natural world leapt to life around us as we set aside our machines and hustle and bustle, for a time at least.

Our bodies too can find incredible healing from within. Our skin in particular has remarkable regenerative properties. 

It is time to be kind. I think the word kind sums it up because it encompasses so much in such a small word. They say beautiful things come in small packages! Kindness is such great strength and yet it can be so simple to achieve every day. A simple act of kindness towards another can change their day, and our own too. Kindness to others, yes of course, and to the planet and all that lives here. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to think too big!

To begin, so that we can radiate such kindness and generosity we must be kind to ourselves. This isn’t selfishness but it is building our foundation to make us strong enough to face our daily challenges. There are so many ways we can do this.  A smile, smile to yourself as you pass a mirror, does that feel odd? To others, even within the constrains of distancing and masks we can wave and say a cheery ‘hello’. For ourselves, maybe sit and watch the clouds move across the sky with a soothing cup of tea. Give yourself time to stop, breathe and feel the calm. Be gentle with you.

Always know that you are enough and have it within you to change your day and someones else day with a random act of kindness!

..just an idea. It would be great to hear about acts of kindness. If you’d like to please share something in the comments below..

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