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Simple Soulful Skincare
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for sensitive skin
because skin is sensitive
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spagyric extraction
to exhalt the essence of the plant
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biodynamic cultivation
to grow the most potent ingredients
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30 Years
since Martina Gebhardt created her first product
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Welcome to Martina Gebhardt Natural Skincare

Martina Gebhardt is skincare for the body, soul and spirit. Martina Gebhardt products are beautiful to use and effective for all skin conditions. Choose your products now…

They are made of the best ingredients available in the world: biodynamically grown plants. The biodynamic organic agricultural system was developed almost 100 years ago to rejuvenate tired soil and secure the eco-system and our future.

Martina Gebhardt is packaged in white glass bottles with colourful labels. The labels resonate with our souls and help us choose the right product. And by removing unnecessary cardboard and cellophane packaging, and growing biodynamically, Martina Gebhardt is more than environmentally sustainable, it is environmentally positive.

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